COIRO s.r.l. - tecnologia avanzata per la carrozzeria - Via Guiccioli, 4 - S.Pietro Capofiume 40062 Molinella (BO) Italy - Tel. +39 051 6904010 - Fax. 051 6904398



The company headquarters covers an overall area of 4500 sq. m (offices account for 500 sq. m, the remaining 4000 sq. m being occupied by production, assembly and quality control departments).


A modern, efficient production organization, with highly qualified personnel, using machinery on the cutting-edge tecnology, enable COIRO to attain high quality standards through all its production range. COIRO manufactures benches, and Universal Jigs wich make repairing operations: fast, efficient and safe.




Since 1980, COIRO has recorded steady growth in terms of both turnover and market penetration.


Its significant presence on the mainforeign markets, especially Japan and USA, confirm its leading role in the benches, jigs and painting systems sector. COIRO is approved and admired by operators and by high prestige specialiized magazines.