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Automatic and manual washing With two diaphragm air pumps: one for normal washing and the other for the automatic final washing. This machine featuring an innovative, modern and elegant design has a front control panel ideally located for a a faster and easier use. The spray-gun washer will last longer because of its hood entirely built in stainless steel. Mechanical Structure: this spray-gun washer is entirely pneumatic; has an automatic washer that can wash 2 spray- guns simultaneously; one 3-liter paint drum; disassembled gun nozzles; mixing rods; paint filters. The washer is further fitted with a small pump, a sprayer for manual washing, and an efficiently sucking dry filter for color testing. This machine has the possibility of being combined (even at a later date) to a distiller. Optional: An active carbon purifier is fitted on the vapour exhauster to damp gaseous polluting particles.